Food Safety

Scientific discipline, handling and preparation of our products

Rossouw Poultry Eggs have a strict Food Safety Management System whereby we ensure that eggs will not cause harm to the consumer/customer when it is prepared and/or eaten according to its intended use. To obtain this we have the following systems in place:


Quality – We have a dedicated quality team on both eggs and feed. A trained food safety management team handles egg quality. Lab Manager and 4 technicians manage product quality in feedmill.


Eggs are tested regularly for pathogens. Water are tested regularly for chemical and microbiological content. The feedmill have a Salmonella Control and Monitoring system in place.  


Packstations undergo an annual supplier audit by external auditor. Feedmill gets audited bi-annually by AFMA. Internal audits are done on all facilities.


Both the feedmill and egg production units work on a GMP program (Good Manufacturing Practises ).


Staff including management undergoes induction training, monthly training on new subjects as well as regular refresher training. Training done both internally and by external accredited trainers.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) system is in place and managed by a trained team.

Pest Control

The feedmill and packstations have a pest control regulation program managed by an accredited exterminator contractor.


Egg is an allergen, therefore Rossgro Poultry has a strict allergen control program, suppliers are also audited on allergen management.

Quality Statement

Rossgro Feeds are committed to produce the best quality feed possible to customer