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05 Sep 2018

Please be WARNED!!! Scam Alart

  Hay guys please be WARNED!!! Please be aware that there is a company going by the name of Holy Prairie Possouw Poultry Farm,Using some of our company details.Here is the contact number that they use: 0710687352(Scam!!) And the guy claims to be Adriaan Rossouw which is NOT THE CASE!!!!, Please note we are not associated with them and we cannot take any responsibility for any business done with them…DONT MAKE ANY PAYMENTS AS YOU WILL NOT GET DELIVERY.

24 Jan 2017
24 Jan 2017

Clinic and chapel opening

On the 19th of October Rossgro and Agri Aids hosted a day filled with fun and entertainment. The day started off with the opening of Rossgro Health clinic where workers and members of the community could do a variety of health tests during the course of the day. Further on the soccer teams and choir groups competed against one other for prize money, a medal and certificate.

24 Jan 2017
24 Jan 2017
24 Jan 2017

International tour groups

A FRENCH tour group visited Rossgro yesterday for a agricultural tour. They had an amazing day and it was a privelege to have them join us in South Africa. “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other places, other lives, other souls.” – Anais Nin