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Animal Feeds

Animal Feeds


Layers and broilers receive different rations and quantities of feed during different growth periods. Diets also vary depending on the intensity of the farming operation. For optimal production, these rations need to be formulated by a qualified and registered animal nutritionist, as employed by Rossgro Feeds.

The feed mill comprises of raw material storage area, a medication/vitamin and mineral storage room. The main factory is comprised of the raw material pre-proportioning bins, mixer, fat coater, two pellet presses, crumblers and final product storage bins. The final product is conveyed into storage bins, before it is transferred into trucks for transportation to clients. Raw materials required include but are not limited to maize, soya, sunflower, limestone, wheaten bran. Together with these, enzymes, medication and minerals are also included into the rations as prescribed by the nutritionists and/or a veterinarian.

The factory has its own laboratory which has been put in place to ensure that the quality of raw materials received and finished goods dispatched meet the necessary requirements. Certain crops are more prone than others for mycotoxins than others; this risk is managed by sending samples to an external laboratory as required. Laboratory staff is qualified to grade raw materials such as soya and maize.

Rossgro Feeds follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), as prescribed by AFMA, to ensure that safety and the correct work procedures are followed. Rossgro Feeds is AFRI compliant.