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From humble beginnings in 1964 the business originated when Chris Rossouw snr started farming alongside his father.

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About Rossgro

After combining family business interests dating back to 1964, in 2003 Rossgro commenced its poultry operations comprising of the egg, broiler, feed-mill and animal feed operations. Since then the Rossouw family has built a successful and diversified medium-sized agricultural family business, with a strong presence in the three provinces of Gauteng, Mpumalanga and Limpopo in South Africa.

In 2007 the business was recognised by the Agricultural Writers Association of South Africa with the Farmer of the Year award

  • Rossgro is a family owned business which specializing in the poultry industry of South Africa in:
  • Egg Production
  • Layer Hen Rearing
  • Broiler Production
  • Specialized animal feed products
    Active in Mpumalanga, Gauteng and Limpopo
  • Rossgro is part of the Rossouw Group with over 80 years of agricultural
  • Currently the 3rd generation is managing the business


Our Experts

We have had the pleasure of supporting many different organizations throughout the years.

Chris & Naubie Rossouw


In 1968 Chris and Naubie managed to purchase their first farm.

Adriaan Rossouw


Studied at the University of Pretoria where he obtained his MB ChB in 1987.

Naude Rossouw


MB ChB degree obtained in 1996 from University of Pretoria.



The Rossouw group has over 80 years of Agricultural experience.Currently the 3rd generation is managing the business.The management team of Rossgro has extensive experience in the agricultural sector with specialized knowledge in the poultry industry.The team has worked together for several years as a family business comprising Chris Rossouw Snr and his sons Drs Naude Adriaan Rossouw.His sons are qualified medical doctors and left medical profession serval years ago to join the family business.


Where Farming Meets Family

We believe in delivering extra-ordinary products and ensuring that quality control is always at the forefront of our processes.